VIHA - Voltage Optimizer

VIHA the next generation voltage optimizer is a qualified and improved product from slow Servo Controlled Stabilizer as well as other Static Tap Changing Stabilizers. VIHA utilizes a high-speed Digital Signal Processor and PWM AC Chopper for regulating the utility parameters. Advanced feedback control system provides the necessary intelligence to VIHA. VIHA guarantees a distortion free Sinusoidal AC waveform for critical applications.

VIHA simplifies the design, reduces the components & volume without compromising the efficiency and reliability. VIHA regulates silently with its Power Electronics Switches thereby offering zero maintenance cost to its Consumers. VIHA supports protection features such as Overload Current, Short Circuit protection, High Voltage Cut-off and Low Voltage Cut-off, and Automatic bypass.

Why to Choose VIHA?

  • Experts on Energy Analytics
  • User Friendly insights
  • Easy integration of Electrical and Physical data in single platform
  • Highly Secured Dedicated server for Data storage
  • End to End monitoring solutions
  • Backend monitoring support
  • Formation of energy conservation cell in facility

Unique Features

  • Regulates Voltage Sag, Swell, and protection from Spike
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Customized Output Voltage Selection
  • High Speed Voltage Correction: < 20 ms
  • Excellent Voltage Regulation: + 1%
  • Advanced Technology: IGBT based PWM Technology AC Chopper
  • Over voltage, under voltage, Over Load and Short Circuit protection
  • Silent operation
  • No Moving parts
  • Prevents Overheating of Equipment
  • Reduction in maintenance with the usage of Electronic Components