Energy Audit

Global competition, carbon emission regulations and integration in the Indian electricity market will most probability increase the demand for energy efficiency on the part of companies all over the country. Conducting an energy audit is one of the first steps that must be done in order to identify the possible energy efficiency positions. Even by knowing the exact procedure of the industrial energy audit many plants do not have the capacity to conduct an effective energy audit without any external help. The audits conducted by GES professional certified energy auditors are unique and hardly comparable.

Why to Choose GES Audit?

  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Affordable consulting fees
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Research Based Solutions
  • Energy Management Skill Development for Personnel
  • Accredited Energy Auditors certified by BEE
  • Complete solution with end to end product and service based on audit report
  • Predict the problems before they translate into major failures
  • Responsible For Future Energy Related Issues.

Unique Features

  • Investigation Based Solutions
  • Reconciliation of energy accounts
  • Align Recommendations and client’s energy program
  • Accuracy of Saving figures would be within +10% for costs and -10% for benefits
  • Peak Demand management at work
  • Assessing present pattern of energy consumption. Relating energy inputs and production output.

Products and Services

Energy Audit

GES Energy audit is a systematic analysis of energy use and energy consumption within a defined energy audit scope(Preliminary, Detailed & Simulation Audit), in order to identify, quantify and report on the opportunities for improved energy performance by standard definition of ISO 50002.

GES Solid State Lighting

GES Solid-state lighting (SSL) technology whichis a reliable product has the potential to reduce lighting energy use by 75% with a immediate reflection in utility bill. Users can take advantage of GES SSL resources for high-efficiency lighting and Lux Levels tailored to their needs by joining with GES.

Automatic Power Factor Correction bank

GES APFCS helps maintain a consistent power factor to cater to a wide variety of electrical and power electronic loads, avoid low power factors that can cause higher demand charges, lead to power factor penalties, and are also unhealthy for electrical equipment. With the GES trust and quality, things can never go wrong.

Electrical network power quality controller

With increasing and varying energy demands from various industrial processes, many loads regularly impose disturbances on the grid, making deviations from ideal conditions a frequent occurrence in many industries which leads to poor power quality. GES Network Power Quality Controller Provides High power quality ideally creates a perfect power supply that is always available, has a pure noise-free, sinusoidal wave shape, and is always within voltage and frequency tolerances.

Harmonic Mitigating Power Centre

Harmonic currents can have a significant impact on electrical distribution systems and the facilities they feed. It is important to consider their impact when planning additions or changes to a system. In addition, identifying the size and location of non-linear loads should be an important part of any maintenance, troubleshooting and repair programmes. GES Harmonic mitigating power centre is one of the best technological solution for the issue.

Energy Efficient VF Drive.

(VFD) are becoming more common place and more widely used in applications. They are capable of varying the output speed of a motor without the need for mechanical pulleys, thus reducing the number of mechanical components and overall maintenance. But the biggest advantage that GES VFD has integrated Harmonic Reduction and ability to save the user money through its inherit nature to save energy by consuming only the power that’s needed.

Energy Efficient Motors

GES Energy-efficient motors, also called Smart or high- efficiency motors, are 2 to 8% more efficient than standard motors. GES Motors qualifies as "energy-efficient" as it meet or exceed the efficiency levels listed in the (NEMA). As a Technology up gradation GES able to Predict motor failure in advance.

Flue Gas Analyser

GES Oxygen analyzers are used for combustion monitoring and control in a wide variety of applications and help industries to make considerable achievements in energy saving. The applications range from energy-consuming industries, such as iron and steel, electric power, oil and petrochemical, ceramics, pulp and paper, food, and textiles, to various combustion facilities, such as incinerators and small- and medium sized boilers.